Targa Alters

Hi, I'm David.

I started altering in 2018 after a friend of mine decided to bring some paints to a new year's party, a few hours into the year and a whole season of bob ross in the background, I made an alter with black paint and a lot of gliter and nail polish.

Now here I am.

I want to be a full time card alterist, right now it's my part time job, so I'm hoping to turn alter sleeves into a third job, because I dont sleep and I'm a masochist.

Alters by Targa Alters

Evolving Wilds (Dragons of Tarkir)

Negate (Rivals of Ixalan)

Pillage (Modern Horizons)

Gearseeker Serpent (Kaladesh)

Vendilion Clique (Modern Masters 2015)

Smothering Tithe (Ravnica Allegiance)

Whip of Erebos (Theros)

Mountain (Champions of Kamigawa)

Gaea's Cradle (Urza's Saga)

Forest (Onslaught)

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