Hi, I'm Nef and I really like to paint! My favorite style of painted alter is to keep the pose/feel of the original art, and create a new image over it using the pose. This is for a couple reasons: it helps the recognition of the card, and the pose is often really neat and serves the new image very well.

My favorite style of digital alter is probably creating custom chibi art, as seen from my Arahbo/Atraxa images. Digital work does take me a bit longer than physical, so I only have a few slots open for it at the moment.

That being said, I rarely close my commission slots, so if you like my art, give me a pm on instagram or choose me for your custom alters for an alter sleeve!

Alters by Neferentium

Mystic Remora (Ice Age)

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice (Commander 2016)

Mountain (War of the Spark)

Forest (War of the Spark)

Hammer of Nazahn (Commander 2017)

Command Tower (Commander 2019)

Elvish Mystic (Magic 2015)

Sol Ring (Commander 2019)

Swamp (War of the Spark)

Island (War of the Spark)

Mystic Remora (Ice Age)

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