Kickstarter Reward Sets

These themed sets have been created as rewards for our successful Kickstarter Campaign; you can also pre-order them and more in our pre-order store.

Haste Bonus - Snapbolt Set of 2 sleeves

Sets by:

Alters by - Opt/Serum Visions
Neferentium - Rhystic Study/Mystic Remora
Martin Frederiksen - Snapcaster Mage/Lightning Bolt
raaanef - Snapcaster Mage/Lightning Bolt
Riel Foidart - Channel/Fireball

Warrior Tier (5) - Basic Land Set of 3 sleeves

Sets by:

Baerthe - Japanese Classics 1
Baerthe - Japanese Classics 2
Ery - Surreal Abzan
Ery - Surreal Bant
Ery - Surreal Espa
Ery - Surreal Forests
Ery - Surreal Grixis
Ery - Surreal Islands
Ery - Surreal Jeskai
Ery - Surreal Jund
Ery - Surreal Mardu
Ery - Surreal Mountains
Ery - Surreal Naya
Ery - Surreal Plains
Ery - Surreal Sultai
Ery - Surreal Swamps
Ery - Surreal Temur
JT Alters - Forest, Plains and Island Panorama
JT Alters - Island, Swamp and Mountain Panorama
JT Alters - Mountain, Forest and Plains Panorama
JT Alters - Plains, Island and Swamp Panorama
JT Alters - Swamp, Mountain and Forest Panorama
Koi Alters - Kaldra Set
Koi Alters - Painted Mountains
Koi Alters - Woodblock Islands
Koi Alters - Woodblock Mountains
Marcel D. Solbach - Island Panoramic
Marcel D. Solbach - Mountain Panoramic
Marcel D. Solbach - Plains Panoramic
Neferentium - Watercolor Mountains
Neferentium - Watercolour Forest
Neferentium - Watercolour Plains
Martin Frederiksen - Tron Lands
profawesum - Zendikar Forests
raaanef - Island Panoramic
raaanef - Plains Panoramic
Riel Foidart - RPG Lands
Riel Foidart - RPG Lands (2)
White Crow Archon - Distressed Swamps
White Crow Archon - Island
White Crow Archon - Tron Lands
YohansDark - Snow Covered Lands
YohansDark - Urza lands YD

Soldier Tier (6) - 4 Seasons Set of 4 sleeves

Sets by:

animnl - Llanowar Elves
Baerthe - Command Tower
DamarideNeurommancer - Sol Ring
DeathDuck - Silent -Blade Oni
Ery - Sol Ring
Ery - Sol Ring (With Text)
Ery - Token Borders Vanilla
Ery - Token Borders With Text
Hurley Burley Studio - Blood Moon
Hurley Burley Studio - Gifts Ungiven
LudoMtgAlter - Birds of Paradise
LudoMtgAlter - Brainstorm
LudoMtgAlter - Chromatic Star
LudoMtgAlter - Counterspell
LudoMtgAlter - Force of Will
LudoMtgAlter - Griselbrand
LudoMtgAlter - Jace the Mind Sculptor
LudoMtgAlter - Karn: Liberated
LudoMtgAlter - Liliana of the Veil
LudoMtgAlter - Llanowar Elves
LudoMtgAlter - Mana Leak
LudoMtgAlter - Reanimate
LudoMtgAlter - Reward4Seasons - Feather the redeemed
LudoMtgAlter - Reward4Seasons - Ponder
LudoMtgAlter - Reward4Seasons - Stoneforge Mystic
LudoMtgAlter - Snapcaster Mage
LudoMtgAlter - Spell Pierce
LudoMtgAlter - True Name Nemesis
LudoMtgAlter - Umezawa's Jitte
LudoMtgAlter - Wurmcoil Engine
Neferentium - Animated Island
Neferentium - Seasons of Thalia
raaanef - Noble Hierarch
raaanef - Snapcaster Mage
Riel Foidart - Dryad Arbor Four Seasons
Riel Foidart - Dryad Arbor Four Seasons
Targa Alters - 8 Bit sol rings
Targa Alters - Command towers in Gold
Targa Alters - Four Seasons Gaea's Cradle
Targa Alters - Kamigawa Panorama Mountains
Targa Alters - Sol Ring
Targa Alters - Tecnicolor dragons
White Crow Archon - Niv-Mizzet Reborn
YohansDark - Poker lightning bolt

Knight Tier (7) - Panoramic Land Set of 5 sleeves

Sets by:

Enmanuel Martinez - M/I/F/S/P
Hurley Burley Studio - F/M/I/S/P (Art Box)
Hurley Burley Studio - F/M/I/S/P (Full Art)
Hurley Burley Studio - F/M/I/S/P (Promo Style)
JT Alters - M/F/P/I/S
Martin Frederiksen - M/F/P/S/I
Targa Alters - Modern Horizons Snow lands
TobyeCat - F/I/P/M/S

General Tier (8) - Commander Set of 6 sleeves

Sets by:

Avery Ryan - Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca
Baerthe - Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
DamarideNeurommancer - Athreos, God of Passage
DamarideNeurommancer - Atraxa, Praetor's Voice
DamarideNeurommancer - Karona, Elder God
DamarideNeurommancer - Kozilek, the Great Distortion
DamarideNeurommancer - Lord Windgrace
DamarideNeurommancer - Urza, High Lord Artificer
DeathDuck - Atraxa, Praetor's Voice
Dietrich Mischke - Norin's Masterpiece Skycapes
Ery - Rhys The Redeemed (Text Borders)
Ery - Rhys The Redeemed (Textless)
Ery - Rhys The Redeemed (Visible Text)
Ery - Rhys The Redeemed (With Token)
Jakub "Reebalt" Głąb - Meren of Clan Nel Toth commander set
Jakub "Reebalt" Głąb - Slimefoot the Stowaway saproling commander set
Jakub "Reebalt" Głąb - Zur the Enchanter commander set
LudoMtgAlter - Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice
LudoMtgAlter - Breya, Etherium Shaper
LudoMtgAlter - Kaalia of the Vast
LudoMtgAlter - Reward6Commander - Teysa Karlov
LudoMtgAlter - The Gitrog Monster
Riel Foidart - Purphoros, God of the Forge
Targa Alters - Brago, King Eternal
Targa Alters - Ephara, God of the Polis
Targa Alters - Jhoira, Weatherlight captain
Targa Alters - Marchesa, the Black Rose
Targa Alters - Niv mizzet Parun
Targa Alters - Tarland, Sky summoner
Targa Alters - Tribal Matters - Morophon the Boundless
Targa Alters - Urza commander set
Targa Alters - Vorel of the Hull Clade
Titartwork - Urza's Legacy
White Crow Archon - Rakdos, The Showstopper
White Crow Archon - Teysa, Orzhov Scion
White Crow Archon - Kozilek, the Great Distortion
White Crow Archon - Sliver Hivelord

Stretch Goal Reward Sets

Set by:

Titus Lunter - Enhanced Lands