Kickstarter Reward Sets

Earlier this year we were successfully funded on Kickstarter, and some of the rewards were these sets: even if you didn't fund the Kickstarter, have a browse!

Haste Bonus - Snap/Bolt Set of 2 sleeves

Counterspell/Lightning Bolt
by Nordicalters

Snapcaster Mage Lightning Bolt
by raaanef

Opt (INV)/Serum Visions (5DN)
by Alters by

Opt (DOM)/Serum Visions (MM3)
by Alters by

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Warrior Tier (5) - Basic Land Set of 3 sleeves

Island Panoramic
by MarcSolArt

Surreal Mardu
by Ery

Plains Panoramic
by MarcSolArt

Watercolour Plains
by Neferentium

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Soldier Tier (6) - 4 Seasons Set of 4 sleeves

Snapcaster Mage
by raaanef

Token Borders With Text
by Ery

Snapcaster Mage
by LudoMtgAlter

Dryad Arbor Four Seasons
by Riel Foidart

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Knight Tier (7) - Panoramic Land Set of 5 sleeves

Map Mountain Panoramic
by LudoMtgAlter

5LandPanorama - island
by LudoMtgAlter

by TobyeCat

Festive lands
by DeathDuck

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General Tier (8) - Commander Set of 6 sleeves

Urza, High Lord Artificer
by DamarideNeurommancer

Brago, King Eternal
by Targa Alters

Ephara god of the Polis
by Targa Alters

Kozilek, the Great Distortion
by White Crow Archon

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