Set Submission Contest 2- Winners!

Post-Kickstarter Update #7

First, some housekeeping.  We are at 94% of Backers complete on Backerkit.  If you still have not completed yours, we will be getting in contact via email to try to help.  If you want to get a step ahead you can message us on any channel and we can help you out.

Keep on eye out for another quick update later this week, as we migrate all the data to our platform!

Sets Contest #2

The second contest is over and you guys voted for your favorites. Thank you!

For every category, an artist had submitted alters, but for some categories there were not multiple alters submitted. We will continue to encourage more artists to get involved in the contests, so that they stay fun for artists and voters to participate in. It will also assure that we are working on our goal of having more alters submitted for when Backers have access to select their alters.

This weeks contest winners:


Gorgeously soft original full-art Basic Lands by @animnl on Instagram.



The clear winner in this category with almost 40% of the votes is by @rielfoidart on Instagram.



This breathtaking panorama by @hurleyburleystudios on Instagram.



With 57% of the votes, @ludomtgalter on Instagram won in his category with this 6 piece set.

Other updates from Alter Sleeves

Our lead developer James has been working hard on the website. We have on-boarded our contributing alterists onto the site, where they have been submitting their artwork, with credits and links to their social accounts (online soon!) so you will be able to check out more of their alters. Check back every day for more alters in our gallery, and if you’re an artist, you can always register too!


If you want to add anything to your order, you still can by pre-ordering! Click  here.