Set Submission Contest 1 – Winners!

Post-Kickstarter Update #5

In our last update, we introduced the biweekly alter set submission contest for the artist, to encourage them to not wait until the last minute to submit designs. The first contest is done now and besides thanking the artists for submitting their work, we want to thank you, our backers, for voting on your favourites! Not only are you helping to expand the Alter Sleeves supply by stimulating artists submit more alters, but you are also showing us and them this way what kind of alters you would love to see! So keep filling out these surveys, when you receive them in your mailbox!

First Contest Winners:

A gorgeous Panoramic set of Islands, using the original art of the cards!
By @marcsolart on Instagram

The clear winner in this category: these seasonal Birds of Padise!
By @ludomtgalter on Instagram

With a difference of two votes from the first runner up, this amazing set is the winner!
By @damarideneurommancer on Instagram

Other than with the contest, we have been busy bees here in the Netherlands. We are improving back-end updates for our artists, so that they have more control over their uploaded sleeves. We are also expecting to get the printer delivered this week. Super exciting! This means we can continue developing our product! Check out our social media for regular small updates :).

Remember that if you wanted to add anything to your order, you still have a chance! You can add additional sets (3 Land, 4 Season, 5 Land Panorama and 6 Sleeve Commander) and bundles of 4 or 10 sleeves.  These sets will only be available for backers and pre-order. Seeing something you like? Act now!: Pre-Orders and Add-Ons