Hello! I'm Kiran, aka Thelgbt_mtg, I love to try new thing’s with art and music, I’m also Bisexual male. My focus for design is creating solid but creative designs with different kinds of work. That means I happen to have a lot of hobbyist like MTG, Music/Sound Design and Scouting BSA. I have been a designing since the start of 2021 and slowly growing in my art designs. What I want to do is make it whenever you buy a alter from me on Alter Sleeves, I will donate to different origination’s that will help with feeding the poor and helping out people around the world and donating to Scouting BSA for kid’s to go to camp and for camp itself while seeking to really make an impact in people’s lives as a whole.

If You wish to contact me about commissions or want to see my content, you can find me here.
Twitter: @Sturben__eevee
Instagram: @Thelgbt_mtg
Discord: Heart.of.Kiran#1762
Tiktok: @Thelgbt__mtg

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