I am Morzalis, a freelance illustrator and fantasy nerd breaking into the wonderful world of altering Magic cards!

The art of Magic: the Gathering has been a great influence and inspiration on my own art style. I draw heavily on the semi-realistic motifs and use of color to tell a story when painting a piece, and I love breathing life into fantasy creatures and making them feel like you could reach through the canvas and touch them (even if some of the beasties are supposed to be too dangerous to be touched, hehe.)
I mostly work digitally, but my first forays into alters were directly on the card with acrylic paints. A few of these hand-painted cards I try to preserve that brush stroke look when bringing them onto Alter Sleeves.

I may be relatively new to altering, but I have played Magic on and off since I was young. I remember my parents teaching me to play back around the Mirage and Onslaught sets, my friends and I excitedly opening new packs from the Mirroden set, and truly falling in love with the art style and aesthetic of the Kamigawa set. Now I'm really into playing Commander formats, and I occasionally dabble in some Legacy and Pauper.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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