It’s official: we’ve met our goal

It’s official: Alter Sleeves have met our Kickstarter goal! Which means you will be the first people in the world to receive Alter Sleeves. But there’s still some time left if you want to make any adjustments to your pledges.

But why? you might ask if you’re already happy with the items in your reward tier. Well firstly we have a Stretch Goal courtesy of legendary artist Titus Lunter: if we reach $60,000 then this exclusive set of sleeves will be available to everyone who pledged to the Knight reward tier ($100) and above.

Secondly you have time to add $30 (or equivalent) to your pledge which grants you four sleeves of your choice from our library when we launch at the end of July*. Sleeves will retail at $8 each but by buying this pack you can get more sleeves, for less, before anyone else.

We do truly want to say thank you though to every person who has backed us so far: this is truly a dream come true. We are TCG enthusiasts that feel blessed to share this idea and have people respond to it so enthusiastically; this is just the beginning.

From Team Alter Sleeves

Chad, James, Ilse and Nacho

*when you have access to the library is dependent on whether your reward qualifies as Super Haste (1st group), Haste (2nd group) or normal (3rd group). If you bought a normal package but don’t want to wait that long, we still have some packages with Haste bonuses.