Contest 2- Vote your Favourites!

Post-Kickstarter Update #5

First point on the agenda is telling you that 92% of you backers completed the survey that’s part of joining the Kickstarter. If you have not yet completed your survey, please reach out by sending an email to [email protected] and we will help you directly.

It’s still possible to get Pre-Orders and Add-Ons if you haven’t yet. There is additional sets (3 Lands, 4 Seasons, 5 Land Panorama and 6 Sleeve Commander) and bundles of 4 to 10 sleeves. Go and have a look!

This week we went to meet up with the company that is developing the Alter Sleeve packaging with us. We talked about the ones we already sent out and what we thought we could be doing in the future. The meeting got us very exciting about working with GVO and work towards the finished packaging we will be able to send the sleeves in!

Meeting with packaging company GVO

Meeting with packaging company GVO


Alter Set Submission Contest 2

We were so pleased that many of you voted in the last contest. With this contest, we encourage artist to not wait with submitting designs.  It’s time for the second contest, which means there will be an opportunity for you as a backer to vote again! With a little less submissions from the artists, we still hope you are as impressed with the artwork as lest time. Fill out the poll here.

Please select up to 3 favorites from each category. The poll will close on Friday night at midnight (US Central Time).