BackerKit Coming Tomorrow, Informational Survey Today

Post-Kickstarter Update #2

Kickstarter has released the funds which means we can start sending out BackerKit tomorrow.  Please take your time and go through the process to confirm your reward selection and delivery information.

Keep in mind, unlike most Kickstarters we are not in a rush to get these submitted though.  We will give you a regular update pushing you to submit, but they are only needed to populate your user accounts on the Alter Sleeve site in late June.  (For a reminder on timelines please see the last Update)

We Need You! Informational Survey

For today we need to get some other information from you:  This will help us and give our ever-growing ranks of Artists know what you the backers want to see in the Sleeves they are designing now:

We would appreciate it if you took a few minutes and answer this informational survey:

We’ll be feeding the results to the artists and that will lead to new designs for you, so if you want to see any specific Alters prioritized, please help us out by answering the survey today!

New Design Contest Starting Next Week

Lastly, we’re going to be running weekly contests starting next week featuring the new sets uploaded by Artists: for each Set we’re going to reward the top scoring design as decided by you and the other artists a small cash prize. We hope this encourages them to upload the designs throughout the runup to the storefront opening instead of waiting and uploading them all at the end; keep an eye out for that at the end of next week.