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Credit: JT Alters

The Global Marketplace for TCG Alter Sleeve Artists and their Fans is the world’s first free marketplace for customised Alter Sleeves for popular TCGs like Magic: the Gathering.

What are Alter Sleeves?

Great Question: Alter Sleeves are high-quality designs printed on perfect-fitting “inner” sleeves that dramatically change the appearance of collectible card game cards without permanently marking them. Players will be able to switch card designs with their mood, temporarily remove designs for specific tournaments or remove an alter when they wish to sell or trade a card.

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"This looks like a promising commodity for both alterists and players. As a player this is going to be a super neat way to be able to customize your entire deck for cheap!"

- Hurley Burley Alters

This is where you come in!

AlterSleeves’ marketplace will help you market and sell your unique painted or digitally designed alters and extensions, generating passive income off the creations you are already making! At a competitive price, Alter Sleeves will appeal to new and expanded audiences without hurting your existing opportunities. We will do everything for you besides the creative part. We’ll get your designs seen, deal with payment, shipping and even sorting any customer service problems. You focus on making and uploading amazing designs, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Your art & your designs are always yours!

We value your hard work. Everything you submit will always belongs to you. You control what is for sale, how many and at what price. Want it to be limited edition, sure! Want it removed from the store, no problem! No matter if you sell one or 1000 alters with us, you retain the rights and ownership of your designs. For legal specifics, please read our End User License Agreement. We’ve tried to keep it short and simple.

Make Passive Income off your Designs!

Whenever someone buys a piece you designed, you make money. We hope to see this be around 20% of final cost after shipping, and will work with our artists to make sure that both the costs and how much you make is clear. No matter what though, you will never owe anything. Not for setup, for participating or promotion. All we ask of you is to share your designs and we will help you make money with them.

How Does it Work?

Upload your Designs, Get it Seen!

You upload a design, select which card it is for - and presto - it’s in the shop. Ride the wave of your viral alter design or the latest meme by linking fans to the Alter Sleeves of your newest design and they can have their own copy in just a few days.

We Handle the Business Stuff

Payment, Shipping details, all that… We got it. Don’t worry about it.

We Print It

We have developed a highly specialised process for printing gorgeous and fully playable sleeves that can accurately match colours and really bring your designs to life. They are durable and no thicker than a normal inner sleeve. Depending on design they are even Tournament Legal.

We Ship It and Take Care of Any Issues

We’ll arrange for FREE SHIPPING on most orders, and expedited service if requested. Lost package, damaged in shipping? We got it. We’ll make sure your customers are happy.

Get Paid!

Every month we’ll pay you for all of your sales. No need to do anything. Want to cash out now? We can do that too. We’ll even work with you to optimise your products and listings to find new customers and make even more.

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