Hello! I'm Robert, aka Baerthe, graphic and UX designer with a strong focus on tabletop and trading card games and fan-content. My focus for design is creating solid but creative designs but with a flair for the fantastic. That means I happen to do a lot of hobbyist works especially for MTG and the like. I have been a designer for many years but only recently started to make content for my favorite games and seeking to really make an impact in getting quality designs into player's hands.

You can find out more about me and my stuff over at a lot of places really.
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Alters by Baerthe

Island (Throne of Eldraine)

Forest (War of the Spark)

Sanguine Bond (Iconic Masters)

Sol Ring (Commander 2018)

Mountain (Throne of Eldraine)

Plains (Core Set 2020)

Sol Ring (Commander 2018)

Sol Ring (Commander 2018)

Kozilek, the Great Distortion (Oath of the Gatewatch)

Felidar Sovereign (Battle for Zendikar)

Command Tower (Commander 2018)

Sol Ring (Commander 2018)

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