My name is Marcel, I am a microbiologist from Cologne, Germany. I started painting at the age of 17, with the clear goal to be able to work for Magic: The Gathering one day. I am far from reaching that goal, but Alter Sleeves is a great opportunity to get into the field of fantasy illustration and build a connection to the Magic community. I used to do alters with acrylic paints, but most of my current work is done digitally.
I feel a strong emotional connection to landscapes, since they can be dramatic and yet quiet at the same time. I also enjoy plants and animals (as well as all forms of life).
I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome since the age of 17 (yes, that's when I started painting! Coincidence? Probably not!). As a teenager it was kind of hard to accept that for the rest of my life I will feel exhausted and weak, and that I will not be able to have or do things that other people can have or do. But here I am now, still trying to persue my dreams.
One day I want to be able to express myself with my work. It is still a long way to go, but maybe you want to walk this path together with me? And who knows where it will lead us! :)

Alters by MarcSolArt

Mountain (Time Spiral)

Plains (Avacyn Restored)

Sundering Growth (Return to Ravnica)

Forest (Return to Ravnica)

Wolf (Shadows over Innistrad Tokens)

Island (Magic 2014)

Forest (Magic 2011)

Thought-Knot Seer (Oath of the Gatewatch Promos)

Island (Magic 2014)

Forest (Shards of Alara)

Mountain (Theros)

Mountain (Return to Ravnica)

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