Hurley Burley Studio

Hurley Burley Studio has been on the altering scene since 2011. She frequently travels to the Tour stops to do live on site painting.

You can follow read up on altering and art articles on her website:
As well as commission work directly.

Alters by Hurley Burley Studio

Island (Magic 2015)

Swamp (Magic 2015)

Mox Jet (Limited Edition Alpha)

Bloodstained Mire (Khans of Tarkir)

Shadows Over Innistrad Checklist 2 (Shadows over Innistrad Tokens)

Blood Moon (Masters 25)

Swamp (Magic 2015)

Any (ANY)

Pteramander (New Creatures)

Any (New Legends)

Liliana Vess (Magic 2015)

Any (Old Borders)

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