Alter Sleeve Set Submission Contest: Round 1 – Vote your Favorites!

Post-Kickstarter Update #4

First, let’s start with the numbers.  We’re at 90% Survey Completion.  If you have not completed your survey (and that’s about 130 of you) and we can do anything at all to help, just DM us or email [email protected] and I’ll help you directly.

If you wanted to add anything to your order, now is the time.  You can add additional sets (3 Land, 4 Season, 5 Land Panorama and 6 Sleeve Commander) and bundles of 4 or 10 sleeves.  These sets will only be available for backers and pre-order so if you see more you want, snag them now:  Pre-Orders and Add-Ons

Alter Set Submission Contest

To encourage our artists to not wait until the last minute to submit designs we’re going to be giving away some small prizes in each category.  We’ll try to do this every week or every other week depending on the number of submissions.

Set Submissions from the past two weeks can be found here:

Alter Sleeve Set Submission Poll

Please select up to 3 from each category.

Poll Closes Friday Night at Midnight (US Central time)