A Busy Week – More Regular Updates to Come.

Post-Kickstarter Update #1

It’s been a crazy week.  On top of the successful Kickstarter, I’ve been out of the country for work which has made it real difficult for me to put the update together I wanted.  So this week, I’m just going to give a quick summary of what was accomplished this week, and a brief timeline of what’s coming.

Actions of the Week

Even though it was an “off” week with the international traveling and work, we still got a lot done.

  • We signed with BackerKit who will be helping with Reward confirmation, post-Kickstarter add-ons and our pre-orders for anyone who mmissed the Kickstarter
  • We ordered the Printer!!! It will take a month to receive and 3 days to set-up but Mid-June we will begin rolling out our next round of artist tests
  • We were invited to the global printing exhibition in Germany.  We’ll be looking for new technology and processes we can bring to Alter Sleeves
  • We found a potential US partner for printing.  More details to come, but this could dramatically reduce shipping times to the US.


For those curious about timelines, here’s what we have right now:


In the next Two Weeks we’ll send out Backer Kit invites.  There is no rush to complete this, you’ll just want this done by the time we open the platform for users mid-July.

Early June

We launch the Artist profile section of the platform.  Artists can login in, confirm all of the sleeves they’ve uploaded and sign up for commission slots


We receive the Printer and immediately begin running batches of test sleeves, working on color matching, adhesion and matte/gloss effects – Artists and some Content Creators will begin receiving kits for reviewing

Late June, Early July

We launch User profiles and begin uploading BackerKit data.  If you have a commission, now will be the time to login and find your artist and begin working through what you want.

Late July, Early August

Super Haste Backers will be given access to the store and can begin selecting their sleeves and rewards.  Shipping will begin immediately.

All other phases, Haste, Normal Kickstarter and Pre-Order will all follow.

Please note, these are our targets.  We’re going to be very transparent with you about every step in the process.  If we have any delays you’ll be the first to know.  

Thank you so much for your support.

– Team Alter Sleeves