81% of BackerKit Surveys Completed – New Sets and New Art!

Post-Kickstarter Update #3

Only one week in and we’ve already had 81% of Backers submit their surveys.  Thanks! There are about 240 of you who will be getting reminders shortly, so if you haven’t filled it out yet, check your email for that.

One thing we got multiple messages about is what happens next, if you’re not 100% sure this is important to understand:

When do I select my Sleeves and rewards?

You’ve Kickstarted a platform.  AlterSleeves.com will be a marketplace where people can buy (and sell) custom-designed Alter Sleeves.  So you, our backers, will be the first to use the Marketplace to select your individual sleeves and reward sets.  Here’s how it will look:

  • BackerKit – If you haven’t already, confirm your reward, add anything else you want.
  • Late June we’ll add that info to the marketplace (on AlterSleeves.com) and send you access to your AlterSleeves account.
  • Mid/Late-July you can start browsing all of the available Alter Sleeves and potentially adding some to your cart.
  • Late July / Early August – We officially open for Super Haste –  if you are part of that phase, you get to select which sleeves and rewards you want, checkout using your Credits and we print and ship.
  • Three weeks later is Haste, then 3 weeks later is Normal and Pre-Orders.

New Designs for Sets

We’ll be getting more set designs every week, so make sure you are participating in our surveys and giving feedback in our social channels to the artists submitting designs. In order to encourage we’ll be running a weekly contest starting next week, where you, the Backers and the Artists, in our Discord will vote on your favorite new sets.  Since we just announced it, we’re giving two weeks for the first submissions:

Here’s a few that came in this week:


Baerthe Classics 2
Ery Grixis
Ery Naya
Ery Bant
WhiteCrowArchon Tron


LudoMTGAlters Force of Will
HurleyBurleyStudios Gifts Ungiven


Targa Jhoira
LudoMTGAlters Kaalia of the Vast

Find almost all of the sleeves and sets uploaded so far here: www.altersleeves.com/alters


Last Reminder to Fill out the Informational Survey!

Top Requested Cards - (Besides Sol Ring)

Top requested cards – (Besides Sol Ring)